A Online Class for Under Age Youth Cited for Tobacco Use or Possession

This online smoking class was specially created to provide teen courts, youth courts, peer courts, juvenile departments and schools with a beneficial and cost effective educational response to underage teen/youth tobacco use. The class takes about an hour for the student to complete. There are eight chapters/modules to complete with an exam at the end. After passing the exam the student can proceed to the next chapter. Successfully completing the final exam activates a Certificate of Completion which confirms completion of the entire class. Get Registered by Clicking Here.

Here's How it Works

The Student clicks on the "Register Here" button located on this screen. The Student registers for the class by inputting his/her name etc. and creates a "username" and "password." Once registered the student picks the Under Age Smoking Class, makes payment (PayPal or Visa) and begins the class. This is a 100% online class, available 24 hours a day. Stop and start any time you want. Support 7 days a week.

Once registered, the student can stop and start their smoking class as needed. The smoking class is engaging and includes narration, reading, and thought provoking ideas. Most of all the class is educational and does not attempt to control the youth's decision making process, judge or tell them they must stop smoking. Fundamental to our approach is the belief that people will make their own decisions and tend to become more resistive the more others try to tell them what to do.


Our Smoking Class

Our online smoking class avoids judgments, put downs and threats of consequences. One of our chapters is titled, "What doesn't work" and clearly the threaten and shame approach is not what people want or need.

Because our audience is primarily teen and pre-teen we made every effort to keep developmental considerations in mind. The smoking class is written at the fifth grade level and the content is narrated. Each chapter is less than ten minutes in duration in an attempt to attend to short attention spans. In an attempt to enhance learning, we recommend finishing one chapter and coming back later to complete each following chapter.

The title of each chapter in the smoking class is as follows:

1 Introduction
2 Tobacco Myths
3 Tobacco and You
4 Thinking of Others
5 Rethinking Tobacco Laws
6 What Does Not Work
7 What Does Work
8 Thinking It Through
9 Final Exam


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A Note to the Student

How about a teen smoking class that won't try to scare you into stop smoking?

How about a teen smoking class that won't try to tell you what to do?

How about a teen smoking class that won't tell you that you need to stop smoking?

What would you think about a teen smoking class that tries to provide open and honest information - be it good or be it bad - and then says . . . "It is your decision to smoke or not. What we hope for is that you be informed - we know the choices are yours."

Simply stated, we don't make the assumption that you want to quit smoking, chewing or using tobacco products. However, we do know that it is common for people to use tobacco products and to want to quit but simply feel hopeless and paralyzed. Please be aware that it is not uncommon for people to feel stuck and trapped and, as a result wind up not taking action.

If you read the Stages of Change summary on this page you will see that the choice to smoke - or not - is only controlled by you.

The point is that if you do want to stop smoking, there is hope. If you do not want to stop tobacco use, we will respect that position.

Take the Offender Solutions® Under Age Smoking Program and get a Completion Certificate immediately upon completion.


Is this the Right Program?

The Offender Solutions® Under Age Smoking Program is designed for the unwilling or resistive student. People who take the Under Age Smoking Program have typically been cited by the police for possession of tobacco products or is being disciplined by their school for violating the school no smoking policy.

The Offender Solutions® Under Age Smoking Program is not a stop smoking program or a smoking cessation program. It has an educational orientation and is intended to be both helpful to the student and a reasonable degree of accountability for the violation of school or public health policy.

The fee for the Under Age Smoking Program covers the cost of its administration.

The fee is $25

If you are trying to quit smoking and are looking for a voluntary smoking cessation program there is probably no better source than the American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking program, It is a voluntary program for teens who want to quit smoking. It is reported to be the most researched, most widely used and most successful smoking cessation program in the United States. Offender Solutions® is not affiliated with the American Lung Association or the NOT program.


Stages of Change

The Stages of Change Model was originally developed in the late 1970's and early 1980's by James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente at the University of Rhode Island. They were studying how smokers were able to change their smoking habits.

A basic idea behind the Stages of Change Model is that human behavior change is not an event or "happening". Instead, they learned that people tend to change their behavior through different progressive stages. In addition, they learned that each person progresses through the stages at their own personal pace.

As a matter of respect for the stages of change and for each person we must allow for the person to decide for himself or herself the speed and the process. Fundamental to the Stages of Change Model is the tenant that change must be motivated from within -- meaningful, real and long term change cannot be imposed by others.

The stages of change are:

* Precontemplation(Not yet acknowledging a problem)
* Contemplation (Recognizing a problem but not yet ready to change)
* Preparation (Getting ready to change)
* Action (Working toward hanging behavior)
* Maintenance (Maintaining the behavior change)
* Risk of Relapse (Possible return to older behaviors)

Terms of Service for Under Age Smoking Program

  1. The Offender Solutions® Online Under Age Smoking Program provides health information, however, said information should not be considered, in any way, to be medical advice. Under Age Smoking Program participants should consult their doctor or other health care provider for a professional medical opinion.
  2. All sections of this website are for information and educational purposes only. You should verify with a physician and/or mental health care provider whether the information you receive is applicable to your particular personal situation . If you have a serious physical problem or mental health problem you should consult with a qualified mental health care and/or medical care provider.

    The use of the services of this website is not meant to be a substitute for in-person counseling or substitute for treatment for suicidal thoughts, or substitute for treatment for severe psychiatric problems. If you are looking to quit smoking, the results from this program are not guaranteed, this program can help some smokers progress through the stages of change.

  3. The primary purpose of the Offender Solutions® Under Age Smoking Program is to give participants information and resources as they progress through the Modules.



If you are taking an Offender Solutions® online class because a person in authority is requiring it and the Online Under Age Smoking Program is not accepted by the person requiring it, Offender Solutions® will refund your money in full with written proof of decline. An acceptable "proof of decline" must be provided on official department/agency letterhead and signed by the person who required the class. Your refund request must be received within 60 days of purchase. Be sure to read the full guarantee policy.